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Launching your career with an apprenticeship is more exciting than you may think. We transform young talents into professionals.

As an apprentice, you learn from masters in their field – whether in the trades or in technology. Trial days in Thomasberg or Berlin allow you a unique, first-hand opportunity to get to know the professions at F/LIST. Apprenticeships or trainings are available at our Lower Austrian location in the areas of carpentry and joinery technology, , metal and machining, mechatronics, painting technology, and in upholstery. Our saddler apprenticeship (specializing in vehicle upholstery) is available in Berlin. The training of our younger generation is close to our hearts. After all, we are a family business in the third generation. And we know how important excellent young talent is, in securing the continuity and future of these trades.

Our offer for apprentices and trainees

As a globally operating company, we offer language courses in English. With fuel vouchers, ten additional flexible days off per apprenticeship year for more relaxation and free lunch in our restaurant "franz" we make everyday life easier for young professionals during their apprenticeship in Thomasberg. If you want to do an apprenticeship with the equivalent of a higher school certificate, this is the right place for you. We offer our young talents in Berlin tickets for public transport. In addition,we offer voucher cards worth 50€, which are replenished monthly and can be redeemed in shops or at gas stations.

Trial days at F/LIST

Whether in crafts or technology – at F/LIST you learn from the masters of their trade. Trial days in Thomasberg or Berlin allow you a unique, first-hand opportunity to get to know the jobs at F/LIST and give you an insight into the many opportunities that await you at F/LIST. Contact us now to request for a trial day.

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