Together we craft the future

As a craftsman's workshop and family business, two things are particularly close to our heart: craftsmanship and people. With a passion for innovation, we make the seemingly impossible possible. When we work together, the tried and tested counts all the more: mutual appreciation and respect. We welcome young talents and experienced professionals who love craftsmanship and technology and who want to shape the future with us. Welcome to F/LIST.

Your job in the trade at F/LIST

The roots of F/LIST lie in exceptional craftsmanship. Together we set new standards.

We love to develop professionally through the new requirements of our customers. On a human level, the new challenges weld us together as a team. Together we set new standards. Our more than 1000 employees from 28 nations are the ones who make master performances possible. Carpenters, paint technicians, as well as all our employees in production, project managers, quality managers, highly trained apprentices - each and every one of them contributes to the big picture.

And that is precisely why we are looking for people with a passion for special craftsmanship. We are a family business in its third generation. Family is so important to us that we see every team member as part of the F/LIST family. We believe that a good sense of community, respect, and appreciation contribute to the quality of work. It is the lifeblood that makes the difference.

Apprenticeship and training at F/LIST

Finding and promoting young talent is very important to us. A particular advantage for apprentices, students, and other young professionals are the many excellent, experienced specialists who work at F/LIST. They are masters of their trade and as mentors, pass on this knowledge. The professionals, in turn, have the opportunity to be inspired by the new ideas of their young colleagues. One thing is certain: we, young or old, can all learn from each other.


Our home is in Lower Austria, more precisely in Thomasberg. We are strongly rooted in this region, as we live and love our down-to-earth life.

We operate simultaneously at eight locations worldwide – in Canada, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the USA. Regionality and internationality are not mutually exclusive. They complement each other. Diversity is not a foreign word for us, but a matter of course. We at Thomasberg carry the culture of F/LIST out into the world – we look after each other, are reliable and work with passion. The further development of our employees is enormously important to us at all locations.

As a crafts business, we have an exciting area of expertise. And we have reached a level that brings many opportunities to the people in the company. Getting a taste of other areas, moving to another department, internal career opportunities, and foreign assignments are all possible at F/LIST. We foster the opportunity to further develop, the strengths of the people in our organization. Be it in production or in the office our goal is to allow them to grow and create something special: exceptional work and love their job.

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