Your job as upholsterer

Exquisite interiors are one of our trademarks. Our upholsterers craft exceptional pieces of furniture from premium fabric, leather, and other materials.
Every detail counts. Every stitch, every seam contributes to the perfect outcome. Upholsterers and saddlers are welcome to join our team.

Start your apprenticeship as an upholsterer and learn from our masters.

Would you like to start an apprenticeship with us as an upholsterer or saddler and learn from the masters of their trade? F/LIST offers this training at its Berlin location – At F/LIST you will find a variety of training opportunities and possibilities to grow within the company. Find out everything about the application process for your apprenticeship as an upholsterer or saddler and the application process to become an upholsterery specialist.

Your job at F/LIST:
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