approx. 5 employees
3 nations

Location & Competencies

F/LIST Georgia will open in the fall of 2023 and is located in Chatham, Savannah, a U.S. aviation hotspot. The team at the newest F/LIST location offers an impressive portfolio of veneer services to our customer:s in North America. The team specializes in preparing exceptional veneers for new and refurbished business & private jets and applies the highest level of craftsmanship to create, refurbish and revitalize aircraft furniture with stunning real wood and composite finishes.

Local Benefits

Employees of F. LIST Georgia LLC benefit from a paid health plan, pension plan, additional vacation days and paid sick days. In addition, technical training is offered on-site, at our Montreal location and at our headquarters in Austria.


F. LIST Georgia LLC
7001 Chatham Center Drive Unit 300/400
Savannah, Ga 31405

Contact person: Shannon Gill

T +1 678 70 26 614

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