Our values

Beyond the surface

We at F/LIST are united in our common vision. We want to make our work something that stands out in all respects. High quality and an innovative spirit drive how we think and act. We follow this approach on all levels of our company and live an open and cooperative culture, from every single employee up to the executive board.


Only pioneers and pathfinders bring entire industries into the future. We do this every single day. We cross borders, leaving the status quo behind. We discover new paths; develop new materials. We create opportunities for customers that go beyond what they imagined.


Only deep passion sparks revolutionary changes. We embody this passion, and in decisive moments, when superior work becomes the finest work, we are driven to make it better – without compromise. Nothing less than perfection satisfies us.


Only unconditional reliability survives in such demanding markets. Absolute reliability is elementary to our business, building on a long family tradition and unique employees who know exactly what is concealed beneath the surface of materials.